Research Project Funding for CBM 2018/2019

No Project Leader Members Project Titles  Funding amount (RM)  Funding Agencies Progress  Start Date End Date
1 Low Mei Peng Low Mei Peng, Ung Leng Yean, Tee Peck Ling, Shamini, Chung Chay Yoke, Kuek Thiam Yong Landscape of Digitalisation Adoption Among Companies in MTDC Ecosystem.           63,620.00 Malaysian Technology Development Corporation Snd Bhd (MTDC) In Progress Mar-18 Nov-18
2 Aminuddin Md Arof, UniKL (MIMET) Aminuddin Md Arof, UniKL (MIMET), Md Redzuan Bin Zoolfakar (UniKL), Noorul Shaiful Fitri Bin abdul Rahman (UMT), Rudiah Binti Md Hanafiah (UMT), Mohd Abidin Bin Bakar Identification of Important Green Port Indicators for Dry Bulk Terminals. A Case Study of Ports in Lumut, Perak           38,000.00 MOHE FRGS In Progress Jan-19 Dec-20
3 Kuar Lok Sin Kuar Lok Sin, Ng Lee Peng, Tee Chee Wee, Teoh Sok Yee, Chen I Chi, Choong Yuen Onn Malaysian hotels' green practices: Antecedents and the mediating role of owners'/managers' environmental commitment           50,200.00 MOHE FRGS In Progress Jan-19 Dec-20
4 Kuar Lok Sin Kuar Lok Sin, Choong Yuen Onn, Ng Lee Peng, Chen, I-Chi, Teoh Sok Yee, Tee Chee Wee Malaysian Hotels' Green Practices: Antecedents And The Mediating Role Of Owners'/Managers' Environmental Commitment           50,200.00 MOHE FRGS In Progress Jan-19 Dec-20
5 Lau Lin Sea Lau Lin Sea, Choong Chee Keong, Wei Chooi Yi, Seow Ai Na, Choong Yuen Onn Solar Photovoltaic as a means to Sustainable Energy Consumption in Malaysia: The Role of Knowledge Transmission and Price Value           54,000.00 MOHE FRGS In Progress Jan-19 Dec-20
8 Zam Zuriyati Bt Mohamad Zam Zuriyati Bt Mohamad, Yip Chee Yin, Suhaiza Hanim Dato Mohamad Zailani (UM), Au Yong Hui Nee, Mobashar Rehman, Fong Chee Yang Sustainable Development Goals And Community Happiness Through Affordable Eco-Friendly Smart House           74,222.00 MOHE FRGS In Progress Jan-19 Dec-20
7 Yip Chee Yin Yip Chee Yin, Choong Chee Keong, Au Yong Hui Nee, Tan Yan Teng, Abdelhak Senadjki, Kuek Thiam Yong The Development Of Housing Bubble Model: A Study Of Malaysian Property Market           50,000.00 MOHE FRGS In Progress Aug-16 Jul-18
6 Rajendran Muthuveloo (USM) Rajendran Muthuveloo (USM), Yee Chew Fong The Impact of Human Capital Strategy on Organisational Performance. A Perspective of Service Based SMEs           24,000.00 MOHE FRGS In Progress Sep-15 Aug-20
9 Yii Kwang Jing Yii Kwang Jing, Choong Chee Keong, Seow Ai Na, Lau Lin Sea, Choong Yuen Onn A fundamental research on environmentally responsible ecotourist behavior in Malaysia: The role of facilitating conditions           53,000.00 MOHE GRGS In Progress Aug-17 Aug-19
10 Lam Weng Hoe Lam Weng Hoe, Lam Weng Siew, Mohd Abidin Bin Bakar, Liew Kah Fai An Empirical Study on Supply Chain Risk Management in Malaysia with Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Approach             1,000.00 Newton R&D Centre Sdn Bhd In Progress Feb-19 Jan-20
14 Khairul Rizuan Bin Suliman Khairul Rizuan Bin Suliman, Suzari Bin Abdul Rahim (USM) Application of Data Envelopment Analysis for Technical Efficiency of Dry Bulk Ports in Malaysia                        -   Others In Progress Apr-18 Oct-25
11 Abdul Rashid Abdullah (UPM) Abdul Rashid Abdullah (UPM), Pong Kok Siong Predictors of behavioral intentions among archaeological tourists in Malaysia           20,000.00 Others In Progress Feb-18 Feb-19
15 Nur Aliah Binti Mansor (UMK) Nur Aliah Binti Mansor (UMK), Arbaiah Binti Abdul Razak (UMK), Rizalniyani Binti Abdul Razak, Nor Maizana Binti Mat Nawi (UMK), Abdullah Bin Muhamed Yusoff (UMK), Norrina Binti Din (UiTM)   Consumer Lifestyle and Health: The Role of Social Media in Influencing Healthy Eating             5,000.00 Others In Progress Dec-17 Dec-18
16 Pok Wai Fong Pok Wai Fong, Beh Woan Lin,Liew Chung Yee, Ng Kar Yee, Sia Bee Chuan, Tan Luen Peng, Sim Yoke Leng, Teoh Sok Yee New Southbound MOOCS Series: Sustainable Development         463,611.00 Others Completed Jul-17 Dec-18
17 Premkumar a/l Nadarajan Premkumar a/l Nadarajan, Juhary Ali (Asia e University) The relationship between HRM practices and employee intention to join Trade union in Malaysia Business Sector                        -   Others In Progress Sep-16 Sep-20
13 Dinesh Kumar a/l Saundra Rajan Dinesh Kumar a/l Saundra Rajan, Fadzli Shah Abdul Aziz (UUM), Norlida Abdul Manab (UUM) The Effect of policy and service quality of SOCSO on customer sastisfaction: moderation effect of customer knowledge           48,000.00 Others In Progress Feb-15 Aug-18
12 Chan Ling Meng Chan Ling Meng, Nodr Wahiza Binti Abdul Wahat (UPM), Roziah Binti Mohd Rasdi (UPM), Siti Noormi Binti Alias (UPM) Role Of Ethical Judgment And Ethical Awareness On The Influences Of Moral Intensity, Attitude And Religiosity Towards Hotel Managers Ethical Decision Making                        -   Others In Progress Feb-14 Jan-20
18 Rizalniyani Binti Abdul Razak Rizalniyani Binti Abdul Razak, Sara Parry (Bangor University), Edward Shiu (Bangor University)  The moderating effect of actual subjective norm on purchase intention among young adults' consumers by their public self-consciousness: Shopping and Social Media         411,500.00 Others In Progress Oct-13 Sep-18
41 Yip Yen San Yip Yen San, Chen,I-Chi, Ng Lee Peng Influence of managerial coaching towards service-oriented citizenship behaviors: The mediating role of employees? commitment to service quality in Malaysia Hotel Industry             6,800.00 UTARRF In Progress Jun-19 May-20
21 Chia Fah Choy Chia Fah Choy, Wong Phui Fung, Kiu Mee San, Felicia Yong Yan Yan, Li Zi Qian Maturity of digitalization in the Malaysian Construction Industry           33,000.00 UTARRF In Progress Dec-18 Dec-19
39 Pragash a/l Muthu Rajan Pragash a/l Muthu Rajan, M Sultana Alam, Khor Kheng Kia, Charles Ramendran a/l S PR Subramaniam Investigating The Effects of Communication Apprehension on Intercultural Willingness to Communicate among Multiracial Students in Malaysian Public Universities             4,800.00 UTARRF In Progress Dec-18 Dec-19
24 Choong Yuen Onn Choong Yuen Onn, Au Yong Hui Nee, Charles Ramendran  Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology Disruption of the Workplace and its Societal Challenges on Business: New Opportunities in Accelerating of a Productive Aging Workforce Reskilling and Innovation           34,500.00 UTARRF In Progress Jul-18 Jun-19
25 Farhana Hanim Mohsin Farhana Hanim Mohsin The Effects of Performance Approach Goal Orientation and Work Engagement on Proactive Behaviour             3,000.00 UTARRF In Progress Jul-18 Jun-19
26 Gopalan a/l Raman Gopalan a/l Raman Emotional Intelligence And Idealized Influence Of Leaders In Predicting Intention To Perform Among Academic Staff. Gender As Moderator             4,500.00 UTARRF In Progress Jul-18 Jun-19
29 Lam Weng Siew  Lam Weng Siew, Lam Weng Hoe, Gengeswari a/p Krishnapillai  A Study On The Customer Preference In Selection Of Online Food Delivery Providers With Ahp-Topsis Approach           32,500.00 UTARRF In Progress Jul-18 Jun-19
23 Choong Chee Keong Choong Chee Keong, Seow Ai Na, Wei Chooi Yi, Chang Jing Jing, Aloysius Yapp, Choong Yuen Onn A Half Century of Tourism Development in New Villages: Contemporary Issues, Challenges, Strategies and Sustainability           39,500.00 UTARRF In Progress Jan-18 Dec-18
19 Abdelhak Senadjki Abdelhak Senadjki,  Saidatulakmal Mohd (USM), Au Yong Hui Nee, Yip Chee Yin, Veronica Poulsaeman (FMHS), Yew King Tak   Health Promotion Behaviour (HPB) of Elderly among Ethnic Groups In Malaysia: A Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)           33,800.00 UTARRF In Progress Dec-17 Dec-18
22 Chong Yee Lee Chong Yee Lee, Yii Kwang Jing, Lee Eng Heng, Chua Beng Hui, Lau Lin Sea   Using aging workforces cognitive, affective, and psychomotor abilities to enhance their and other employees? work performance ? A case in higher education institutions           41,010.00 UTARRF Completed Dec-17 Dec-18
27 Khairunnisa binti Ishak Khairunnisa binti Ishak, Zam Zuriyati binti Mohamad, Rizalniyani binti Abdul Razak, Norhusnaida binti Che Hussain, Hatijah binti Mohd Salleh, Siti Fazilah Binti Abdul Shukor The Role Of Consumer Protection Agency Towards Consumer Complaint And Its Impact On Consumer Satisfaction: An E-Commerce Study In Malaysia           10,400.00 UTARRF Completed Dec-17 Dec-18
28 Kuar Lok Sin Kuar Lok Sin, Ng Lee Peng, Teoh Sok Yee, Chen I Chi, Tee Chee Wee A case study of local hotels at Perak and Penang             4,574.80 UTARRF In Progress Dec-17 Dec-18
30 Lee Voon Hsien Lee Voon Hsien, Hew Jun Jie. Leong Lai Ying, Garry Tan Wei Han, Ooi Keng Boon (UCSI) Wearable Payment: The Way of the Future?             4,302.00 UTARRF In Progress Dec-17 Dec-18
31 Lee Weng Onn Lee Weng Onn, Chen I Chi, Ng Hui Fuang, Wong Lai Soon Determinants of Mobile Shopping Continuance Intention             4,000.00 UTARRF Completed Dec-17 Dec-18
32 Lee Weng Onn Lee Weng Onn,  Wong Lai Soon, Ng Hui Fuang, Chen I Chi Determinants of Mobile Shopping Continuance Intention             4,000.00 UTARRF In Progress Dec-17 Dec-18
33 Li Zi Qian Li Zi Qian, Tan Hai Chen, Chia Fah Choy, Wong Phui Fung Building Knowledge Information Modeling: Towards a Conceptual Framework for Managing Construction Claims             2,460.00 UTARRF In Progress Dec-17 Dec-18
35 Ng Yin Kuan Ng Yin Kuan, Lai Ka Fei, Fong Chee Yang, Kuek Thaim Yong, Lim Yoong Hing Entrepreneurship Case Study (A local SME case study on Posh Nail Spa)             3,150.00 UTARRF In Progress Dec-17 Dec-18
36 Peter Tan Sin Howe Peter Tan Sin Howe, Chen I-Chi, Krishna Moorthy Manicka Nadar, Kuek Thiam Yong Service Quality in the Malaysian Private Higher Education Instituitions              1,725.00 UTARRF In Progress Dec-17 Dec-18
34 Mohamad Fared bin Mohamad Makmor Mohamad Fared bin Mohamad Makmor Leadership and management commitment towards logistics performance improvement in Malaysia with the adoption of green logistics as the moderating variable             6,000.00 UTARRF Completed Jul-17 Jun-18
37 Peter Yacob Peter Yacob, Kwok See Ying, Khor Saw Chin, Gengeswari a/p Krishnapillai  Industrie 4.0: Lesson from Multinational Manufacturers to Manufacturing SMEs in Malaysia             4,500.00 UTARRF Completed Jul-17 Jun-18
38 Pong Kok Shiong Pong Kok Shiong, Alia Azalea, Foong Soon Seng, Raphael Thoo Yi Xian Predictors of pro-environmental behaviour among archaeological tourists : A case study at Bujang Valley and Lenggong Valley World Heritage Site             3,000.00 UTARRF Completed Jul-17 Jun-18
20 Au Yong Hui Nee Au Yong Hui Nee, Yeoh Guan Gim (Lam Hwa Ee Hospital), Lilis Surianty Abd Talib, (USM), Charles Ramendran a/l S PR Subramaniam Compliance With Safety Practices Among Medical Professionals: Exploring The Link Between Organizational Safety Climate, And Safe Work Practices To Healthcare Quality And Patient Safety           33,000.00 UTARRF In Progress Jun-17 May-18
40 Tee Chee Wee Tee Chee Wee, Choong Yuen Onn, Fong Chee Yang, Kuek Thiam Yong, Ng Lee Peng A Local Case Study on 99 Speedmart Sdn Bhd             4,300.00 UTARRF In Progress Dec-16 Dec-17

*In BOLD = CBM Member