To be a recognized leading research centre in research and consultancy.


  •  To build network and collaborate with institutions, industries, communities, and government bodies to serve the needs of various stakeholders (Research Grants, Commercialization and Consultancy). 
  • To share and disseminate the research findings that are related to UN’s sustainable development goals (Research Talks, Seminars, Webinars, and Conferences). 
  • To encourage a cross-disciplinary research to solve real world problems (Consultancy, Research and Publications). 

Targeted Impact: 

  • To gain national/international recognition as an active research centre that can enhance the well-being and sustainability of society.
  • To contribute to the sustainable development goals in order to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.
  • To contribute to the community through knowledge transfer programme and community outreach projects. 
  • To contribute to the industry and nation by providing solutions to solve real world problems. 
  • To improve the university ranking in both national and international level such as SETARA rating, Times Higher Education World University ranking, QS ranking, etc. 

Targeted Output: 

  • To ensure all centre members completed their postgraduate studies. (Strategy plan 1) 
  • To forge multi-disciplinary research collaboration by forming at least one national team and one international team (i.e. in the areas of Business management). (Strategy plan 1 & 2) 
  • To ensure all staff have the experience of applying and leading at least one research grant project. (Strategy plan 1 & 2) 
  • To secure internal grant (at least RM1,750 per academic staff per year by 2032) and external research grant (at least RM3,250 per academic staff per year by 2032). (Strategy plan 1 & 2) 
  • To achieve a publication ratio of 2.0 for journal publication and 0.4 for conference proceeding. (Strategy plan 3) 
  • To achieve at least 38% of total articles published in either Q1 or Q2 Scopus/WOS indexed journal and 32 % of total articles published in top 10% journal indexed in Scopus/WOS. (Strategy plan 3) 
  • To ensure each staff is involved in the supervision of postgraduates’ students (i.e. Mphil, PhD), at least one postgraduate student and at least 75% of the postgraduate students graduated on time. (Strategy plan 4) 
  • To ensure each staff is involved in at least one consultancy project by collaborating with the industry (at least RM1700 per staff by 2032). (Strategy plan 5) 
  • To organize at least 12 research activities per year by 2032 (talks/workshops/training/conference). (Strategy plan 6)