Our Goal

To advance knowledge and foster a culture of research in the areas of business and management.

Goal Statement 

We aim to be a center of excellence for multi-disciplinary research focusing in the areas of business and management. We seek to add value to the university and community through research activities.

The Goals

In carrying out its mission, the Center is committed to:
  • inculcate a strong research culture within a dynamic and efficient team of academic and support staff, 
  • advance knowledge of business and management practices through high quality research, 
  • promote the role of UTAR in nation building in which the research findings and practical implications are useful for industry practitioners to better manage their businesses, 
  • provide the opportunity for faculty staff and students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, to learn and to conduct research, 
  • serve as a platform for research collaboration between universities and industry, 
  • attract research funding from external sources by seeking/securing awards from the corporate sector; project, grants or other types of awards, 
  • organise activities or events to promote journal publications among faculty and students such as having training workshops and seminars.