Research Interests

Operations Management

Total Quality Management, Six-Sigma, Supply Chain Management and Performance, Supply Chain Learning, Value Chain Analysis, Service Management

Human Resource Management

Career development, Human Capital, and Human Resource Development, Gender and Employee Retention, Job Satisfaction, Employee Attrition.

Entrepreneurships & SMEs

Small Medium Entrepreneurship (SME), Competition & collaboration between big firms and SMEs, Family Owned Business, Cyber Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurships

Business Policy and Strategy

Strategic Alliances, Inter-firm Linkages, Competitive Advantage, Learning and Innovation, Business Strategy.

Knowledge Management & IS

Digital libraries, E-Commerce, Management of Information Systems, Information Literacy and Data Mining, Network Security, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Based System, Expert Systems, Computer-based Information System, Systems Modeling Techniques, Decision Science.

Organizational Behavior

Work related Stress and Stress Management, Corporate Governance, Organizational Culture, Work-family Interface, Work Engagement, Gender and Leadership, Psychological Ownership.


Customer Satisfaction and Customer Behavior, Service Quality, Relationship Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Selling, E-Commerce, Advertising and Promotion